Hello, I’m Dr. Meredith Brown, I’m an experience clinical psychologist. This means you can feel confident that your therapy will feel safe, helpful and be of a high standard. There are two passions I have in my life – horses and psychology! I was drawn to horses as a child, I felt both safe and awed by their presence. Ever since then I have always had horses in my life in some way. When I started working as a psychologist I slowly came to the realization that horses and psychology were not incompatible and that my clients too could experience the benefits of being around these beautiful animals.

My approach is professional and warm. The therapy I offer is built upon the foundations of empathy and compassion, deep listening and a non-judgmental stance. I work collaboratively with my clients to identify what they would like to work on and my focus is always on my client in the room with me and their unique experience.

I have done my own therapy as I believe you are a better therapist when you done your own work. So this means that I really understand what it’s like to be a client and how essential it is to feel heard, understood and accepted for who you are and where you are at in life. With these foundations in place I work flexibly and innovatively with my clients to tailor therapy to their needs based on my needs. My areas of interest are Equine Assisted Psychology and Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) but I am also experience in other therapeutic modalities that are listed below.

Please contact me via phone or email, my details are on the contact page. I am happy to have a further discussion about your therapy needs, provide you with more detailed information about the process of getting a referral, how and where to attend and payment, or book an initial appointment.

Meredith has training and experience in a variety of treatment approaches, including: 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),  
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT),  
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT),  
  • Mindfulness approaches (inc. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) 
  • Equine Assisted Psychology


Meredith works with clients with a range of presenting issues including: 

  • adjustment to life changes
  • stress, grief and loss
  • trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • mood disorders (depression and bi-polar affective disorder)
  • anxiety, panic and worry
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • anger management
  • emotion regulation and managing difficult emotions
  • navigating difficult relationships at home, work etc.
  • insomnia
  • psychotic disorders (schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia)



Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology 

  • Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology (YVEAP) is located in the Melbourne’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges on the edge of the picturesque Yarra Valley. YVEAP offers evidence based clinical psychological treatment in a room based setting or where clinically appropriate, in the presence of horses, in nature.
  • YVEAP is situated approximately one hour from the Melbourne CBD, on Hill Top Farm, a 10 acre property with picturesque views to the Warburton ranges. The property is an easy 10 min drive from the township of Emerald or 15 mins from Monbulk, in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges. 
  • YVEAP opened in 2020 and is owned and operated by Dr. Meredith Brown. 

Equine Co-Therapists 


  • Currently Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology has two horses who are co-therapists alongside Dr. Meredith Brown.  
  • Alfie is a 12 year old bay Arab X Riding Pony gelding, standing at 15.3hh. Alfie is an intelligent and sensitive horse and has a very loving nature that is quite infectious. Meredith and Alfie first met approximately four years ago, when Alfie is not seeing clients with Meredith he is also a talented dressage horse. 



Honey is 20 year old chestnut Welsh Mountain Pony X Stock Horse mare, standing at 13.3hh. Honey makes up for her smaller stature with her big personality, Honey is an independent and self-assured horse who is not afraid to let you know what she wants, she has the sweetest of hearts underneath all of this. Meredith and Honey have known each other for many years. In her younger years Honey was a bold show jumper, these days she prefers to wait for her next meal and munch on her hay, but she still has plenty of life left in her. 

Hill Top Farm

Hill Top Farm is operated on organic and permaculture principles. Using these principles means that Hill Top Farm is run in a way that aims to be at the very least sustainable, but the vision is to be regenerative. The approach is holistic and acknowledges the interconnectivity of our world, biodiversity is encouraged and waste is minimised.  

Hill Top Farm has a small vine yard, multiple vegetable patches and a fruit and berry orchard. Wherever possible waste is composted or recycled and some areas of the farm have been offered back to nature and replanted with a variety of native plants to encourage biodiversity. Hill Top farm is home to YVEAP’s equine co-therapists, a flock of chickens and two friendly cats, along with native visitors such as kookaburras, parrots, wombats, echidnas and kangaroos.