Pathways To Healing With Horses

Do you feel overwhelmed or distressed by your emotions? Are you feeling disconnected, alone or lost? Perhaps you always doubt yourself or you have lost your self-confidence. Or maybe you feel like you can’t move on from the losses or difficulties in your past and relationships always feel difficult to navigate.

Clients also come to Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology feeling sad, anxious or just confused! They may also be afraid that they are damaged or broken. Meredith works with clients who are finding it difficult to cope and feel overwhelmed by uncomfortable emotions or thoughts.


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Clients who come to Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology want to manage uncomfortable or distressing emotions in different ways. Meredith helps her clients increase their awareness and understanding of themselves so they can build a greater acceptance of who they are and the situations they face in life. Clients also want to improve their relationships and the way they set boundaries, so they can feel greater trust and connection with others. Meredith also works with clients who are looking for greater meaning, contentment and calm in their lives.


Meredith helps clients to process difficult experiences they may have gone through, this helps to client to feel less distressed by uncomfortable or painful emotions. Other clients come to Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology because they just want to stop feeling miserable and feel ‘normal’ again! And ‘feeling normal’ is quite different for each client. Meredith also works with clients to build clarity, re-connection and healing after going through difficult times.

Hello, I’m Dr. Meredith Brown, an experienced clinical psychologist. I have two passions in life, psychology and horses. As a child I was drawn to horses and felt both safe and awed by their presence. The willingness of horses to engage in relationship with humans felt like such a privilege, one that I wanted to share. As I made my way through my career in psychology I realized that I could make this experience with horses available to my own clients.

My therapeutic approach is professional, warm and caring. I would hope that my clients say I have the usual qualities of a good psychologist – empathic, a careful listener, non-judgmental and flexible. I take a client centred approach to therapy, this means that I meet my clients where they are at, truly getting to know them, and keeping them as the number one focus.

About Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology

Located in Melbourne’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology offers both clinical psychological services and Equine Assisted Psychology. Provided by Dr. Meredith Brown a Clinical Psychologist and her horses. 

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Services Offered By Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology

Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology offers both room based clinical psychological treatment and Equine Assisted Psychology 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering where we are? How to get here? or where to park? You will
find detailed information to answer all your questions about having therapy at Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology.

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At Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology our services are built on excellence, integrity and experience. This means every aspect of your treatment will be delivered in a professional manner so that you feel respected and confident in the knowledge you are receiving a high quality service.  


Our values at Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology are empathy, compassion and passion. These values are reflected in the warmth you will feel during a session with your psychologist


‘We are always striving to offer services that meet your specific needs and are aligned with best practice. Therefore at Yarra Valley Equine Assisted Psychology we are a psychology practice that embraces agility, flexibility, collaboration and creativity. We are confident that this will enable us to offer you an experience that is innovative and tailored to your situation’

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